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Backgammon in Georgia!

2003 Southern Open
Backgammon Championships

Feb 27 - Mar 2, 2003

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Tournament Photos
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Championship Winner
Simon Kennedy-Rose (GA)
2003 Championship Division winner Simon Kennedy-Rose (GA)
Championship Finalist
Vadim Musaelyan (NC)
2003 Championship Division finalist Vadim Musaelyan (NC)

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Intermediate Winner
Petko Kostadinov (SC)
2003 Intermediate Division winner Petko Kostadinov (SC)
Intermediate Finalist
Peter Roubicek (GA)
2003 Intermediate Division finalist Peter Roubicek (GA)

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Cons. Winner

Curtis Lucas (TX)
2003 Championship Consolation winner Curtis Lucas (TX)
Cons. Finalist

Phillip Smith (NC)
2003 Intermediate Consolation winner Philip Smith (NC)

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Southern Shoot-Out

Gregg Cattanach (GA)
2003 Southern Shoot-out winner Gregg Cattanach (GA)
Southern Shootout

Jon Vietor (CA)
2003 Southern Shoot-out finalist Jon Vietor (CA)

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Doubles Winners
Stuart Thomson (GA)
and Steve Kovach (GA)

2003 Doubles Tourney winners Stuart Thomson (GA) and Steve Kovach (GA)
Doubles Finalists
Diane Varner (NC)
and Zia Afshani (GA)

2003 Doubles Tourney finalists Diane Varner (NC) and Zia Afshani (GA)

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Kickoff Winner
Zia Afshani (GA)
2003 Kickoff Tourney winner Zia Afshani (GA)
Last Chance Winner
Kate Elmore (GA)
2003 Last Chance winner Kate Elmore (GA)

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Tournament Staff
David Simmons, Dale Bullock
2003 Southern Open staff - David Simmons and Dale Bullock
Tournament Prizes
2003 Trophies
2003 Southern Open trophies - Championship, Intermediate, Southern Shoot-out, Doubles

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Championship Finals
Kennedy-Rose v Musaelyan
2003 Southern Open, Championship Finals - Simon Kennedy-Rose (GA) vs. Vadim Musaelyan (NC)
Celebrity Photo
Natasha & Vadim
the beautiful and popular Natasha Musaelyan (...and some dude)

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2003 Southern Open Tournament Staff
David Simmons, Dave Cardwell, Dale Bullock
2003 Southern Open, Tournament Staff - David Simmons, Dave Cardwell, Dale Bullock (L-R)

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