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Backgammon in Georgia!

2005 Southern Open
Backgammon Championships

March 3-6, 2005

Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center
Atlanta, Georgia

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Entry into the 2005 Southern Open Backgammon Championships is by ABA invitation only. All submitted entries are subject to the approval of the Tournament Advisory Committee. Any entry and/or admission may be refused with no reason required. The Tournament Advisory Committee reserves the right to disallow an entrant from playing below his/her skill level.
All tournament prepaid fees and deposits are fully refundable until the close of registration on Friday, March 4, 2005. Only cash or traveler's checks will be accepted after Monday, February 21, 2005.
The U.S. Backgammon Tournament Rules & Procedures (March 1990 edition) will apply to all tournament events, except as noted on the official tournament Welcome Sheet.
All tournament matches in the Southern Classic, Championship, Intermediate, and Doubles events will utilize timing clocks. The Unified Backgammon Tournament Clock Rules (March 2004 edition) will apply to all clocked matches (see ABA Tournament Clock Rules).
All tournament activities must take place in the designated tournament playing areas. All tournament matches may be video or manually recorded and published, at the sole discretion of the ABA. Tournament officials reserve the right to conduct unnannounced inspections of any backgammon equipment in the playing areas.
All tournament areas are non-smoking. Smoking breaks are allowed between games of non-smoking matches in accordance with the tournament rules.
The Atlanta Backgammon Association is proud to sponsor the Southern Open Championships as a 2005 American Backgammon Tour event.

American Backgammon Tour

BYOB - Please bring your backgammon board!

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