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Backgammon in Georgia!

2003 Georgia
Backgammon Championships

August 7-10, 2003

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Tournament Photos
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Championship Winner
Paul Weaver (AL)
2003 Championship Division winner Paul Weaver (AL)
Championship Finalist
Daniel Dorinbaum (Can)
2003 Championship Division finalist Daniel Dorinbaum (Can)

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Advanced Winner
Barry Gittleman (GA)
2003 Advanced Division winner Barry Gittleman (GA)
Advanced Finalist
Doug Johnson (FL)
2003 Advanced Division finalist Doug Johnson (FL)

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Limited Winner
Alberto Montemayor (Mex)
2003 Limited Division winner Alberto Montemayor (Mex)
Limited Finalist
Richard Martin (NC)
2003 Limited Division finalist Richard Martin (NC)

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Peach Cup Winner
Mike Corbett (FL)
2003 Georgia Peach Cup winner Mike Corbett (FL)
Peach Cup Finalist
Malcolm Davis (TX)
2003 Georgia Peach Cup finalist Malcolm Davis (TX)

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Cons. Winner

Carol Joy Cole (MI)
2003 Championship Consolation winner Carol Joy Cole (MI)
Cons. Winner

Betty Coppic (GA)
2003 Advanced Consolation winner Betty Coppic (GA)

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Dogwood Limited
Jackpot Winner

Steve Elkin (NY)
2003 Dogwood Limited winner Steve Elkin (NY)
Blitz Winner

Cem Aslan (GA)
2003 SpeedGammon Blitz winner Cem Aslan (GA)

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10th Anniversary
Tourney Winner

Stuart Thomson (GA)
2003 10th Anniversary Tourney winner Stuart Thomson (GA)
Last Chance
Tourney Winner

Ed O'Laughlin (FL)
2003 Last Chance winner Ed O'Laughlin (FL)

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Doubles Winners
Don Faix (NC) and
Jim Hall (GA)

2003 Doubles Tourney winners Don Faix (NC) and Jim Hall (GA)
Doubles Finalists
Steve Mellen (NY) and
Phil Simborg (IL)

2003 Doubles Tourney finalists Steve Mellen (NY) and Phil Simborg (IL)

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2-Point FastMatch

Phil Simborg (IL)
2003 FastMatch winner Phil Simborg (IL)
Chouette Tournament

Hugh McNeil (Can)
2003 Chouette Tournament winner Hugh McNeil (Can)

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Championship Division Final
Daniel Dorinbaum (Can) v Paul Weaver (AL) 2003 Georgia Backgammon Championship Division Finals

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Past GBC Winners
(L-R) Hugh McNeil (2000 GBC), Steve Mellen (2000 PC),Mike
Corbett (2002 PC), Jim Hall (2001 GBC), Zia Afshani (1998 Adv),
Phillip Burns (1989 GBC),Ed O'Laughlin (2002 GBC).
Not pictured: Stuart Thomson (1998 PC), Paul Weaver (1999 GBC)
past Georgia Backgammon Championship winners

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2003 GBC Tournament Staff
Dale Bullock, David Simmons, Robin Horton, Dave Cardwell 2003 Georgia Backgammon Championships tournament staff

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2003 Backgammon Seminar
conducted by Paul Weaver (AL) World-class player Paul Weaver (AL) spreads the knowledge!

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2003 GBC Trophies
unique custom-blown glass
2003 Georgia Backgammon Championship trophies
Over-worked Staff
Don't wake me until 2004!
2003 Georgia Backgammon Championships - is it over yet?

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