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Backgammon in Georgia!

2001 Georgia
Backgammon Championships

August 9-12, 2001

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Tournament Results

Main Events:
Championship    Advanced    Limited    Last Chance

Special Events:
Peach Cup    Dogwood Limited    CASA Charity

Side Events:
SpeedGammon Blitz     SpeedGammon Blitz II
Doubles     Peach Pitz

GBC Staff      GBC Host

Championship Division
1st   Jim Hall (GA)
2nd   Jake Jacobs (IL)
3rd   Steve Goldstein (SC)
1C   John Brussel (IL)
2C   Jeremy Bagai (PA)

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Advanced Division
1st   Norman Hansen (GA)
2nd   Danielle Bastarache (FL)
3/4   Walter Hamm (FL)
3/4   Jeb Horton (NC)
1C   Julian Haley (SC)
2C   Simon Kennedy-Rose (GA)

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Limited Division
1st   Petko Kostadinov (SC)
2nd   Gail Newburn (GA)

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Last Chance
1st   Steve Kovach (GA)
2nd   Gregg Cattanach (GA)
3/4   Walter Hamm (FL)
3/4   Bob Wilensky (GA)

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Georgia Peach Cup
1st   Jake Jacobs (IL)
2nd   Larry Taylor (GA)
3/4   Dennis Culpepper (VA)
2nd   Ed O'Laughlin (FL)

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Dogwood Limited Jackpot
1st   Brian Barber (IL)
2nd   Scott Sevel (GA)

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Fulton County CASA Charity Benefit
1st   Jon Vietor (CA)
2nd   Steve Kovach (GA)
3rd   Walter Hamm (FL)

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SpeedGammon Blitz
1st   Mike Corbett (FL)
2nd   Steve Kovach (GA)
3/4   Gregg Cattanach (GA)
3/4   Stuart Thomson (GA)

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SpeedGammon Blitz II
1st   Stuart Thomson (GA)
2nd   Alan Epstein (GA)

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Doubles Tournament
1st   Jim Hall (GA) and
    Allen Joffe (FL)
2nd   Howard Markowitz (NV) and
    Carol Joy Cole (MI)

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Peach Pitz Tournament
1st (tie)   Carol Joy Cole (MI)
1st (tie)   Doug Johnson (NC)

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2001 Georgia
Backgammon Championships
August 9-12, 2001
Atlanta, Georgia

American Backgammon Tour
an American Backgammon Tour event

Tournament Staff:
Dave Cardwell
David Simmons
Patricia Noe

Georgia Backgammon Championships
hosted by:
Backgammon in Georgia!
Atlanta Backgammon Association

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