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ABA Chouette Tournament Rules
June 2004 Edition

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ABA Chouette Tournament Rules


1.1 The official Chouette Tournament scoring sheet is used to: a) record individual game scores and total chouette scores; b) determine Box/Captain and player rotation for each game; and c) determine the starting doubling cube value during each segment.

1.2 4-player (and/or 3-player) Qualifying chouettes will be created by random draw, dependent upon field size.

1.3 Each person in each 4-player Qualifying chouette plays three (3) games as Box, three (3) games as Captain, and six (6) games as a member of the Crew. Each person in each 3-player Qualifying chouette plays four (4) games as Box, four (4) games as Captain, and four (4) games as a member of the Crew.

1.4 In a 4-player Qualifying chouette, each player will play one game as Box against each Crew member as Captain. In a 3-player Qualifying chouette, each player will play two games as Box against each Crew member as Captain.

1.5 For each players turn in the Box, all doubling cubes start centered at 1 for the first game, centered at 2 for the second game, and centered at 4 for the third game. (Doubling cubes will also be centered at 4 for the fourth game for 3-player Qualifying chouettes.)

1.6 Player rotation order in each chouette is initially determined by random draw and recorded on the Chouette Tournament scoring sheet. This player rotation order is used to determine which players are Box and Captain, and the rolling order for team members. For the last segment ONLY, the player rotation order is determined by current scores at the start of the segment, and the corresponding player numbers are recorded on the Chouette Tournament scoring sheet. The cube decision order for ALL segments is determined by the current player scores in accordance with rule 3.8 below.

1.7 The top player(s) from each Qualifying chouette advance to either a Semi-Final or Final chouette, dependent upon field size. If Semi-Final chouettes are used, the top player(s) from each Semi-Final chouette advance to the Final chouette. Individual player scores from Qualifying and Semi-Final chouettes shall be kept secret until the completion of all chouettes in that round.

1.8 All chouette games (in either Qualifying, Semi-Final, or Final chouettes) are played for a specific dollar stake per point (an entry fee to stake ratio between 20:1 and 25:1 is recommended). Losses are to settled promptly at the end of each 12-game chouette. Chouette scores are not transferred from previous chouettes. The players in the Semi-Final and/or Final chouettes will each start with a zero (0) score.

1.9 The Final chouette scores will determine the winners of the Chouette Tournament (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th as applicable).


2.1 The U.S. Backgammon Tournament Rules & Procedures (March 1990 Edition) apply unless otherwise stated below.

2.2 The Legal Plays rule will be used -- cube and/or checker errors may be pointed out by chouette members or spectators, and all errors must be corrected.

2.3 In 4-player chouettes only, the Captain's checker play can be vetoed by a unanimous Crew decision, provided both crew members have doubling cubes in play and consulting rights.

2.4 No consulting -- discussion of checker plays ONLY is allowed only AFTER your cube has been turned AND accepted. Consulting is defined as any comment, action, or gesture made AT ANY TIME that may sway another player's judgment regarding a checker play or doubling cube decision.

2.5 If a player is guilty of consulting without a cube in play, the aggrieved player (Box or Captain) has the option of either taking ownership of that player's cube (at it's starting value) or declaring a "wash" on the offending player's cube and removing it from play. Penalty options also apply to offending players who are already out of the current game -- the aggrieved player (Box or Captain) may optionally take ownership of another cube (at the starting value) for which the offending player must then be liable, or demand and automatically receive a penalty from the offending player amounting to 1/2 of the original starting cube value.


3.1 Individual cubes will be used -- each player on the Crew is responsible only for their individual cube. In the event of the absence of a player, the Captain will act on their behalf.

3.2 The Jacoby Rule is in effect -- no gammons or backgammons are scored unless a player's cube has been turned.

3.3 Beavers are allowed -- no racoons or other cube escalations allowed, except as specified herein.

3.4 No automatic doubles allowed -- only standard cube action as defined herein is allowed.

3.5 No cube settlements or prize money hedging is allowed -- all games will be played to completion unless ended by a standard cube action as defined below. No selling, purchasing, or settling of cubes or cube values is allowed.

3.6 If all Crew cubes are simultaneously offered to the Box, the Box must Accept at least a majority of the cubes offered if it is the initial offering. The Box may also elect to Pass all offered cubes. If all Crew cubes are not initally offered simultaneously, the Box may make any cube decision(s) with no restrictions. There are no restrictions on cube decisions regarding Redoubles.

3.7 If all Box cubes are simultaneously offered to the Crew, a lone player who Accepts must also accept all Extras offered by the Crew if it is the initial offering. The lone player who accepted has no option of passing the initial cube. However, the lone player may pass Extras by paying an offering player the previous value of the cube. Players may also Beaver an offered Extra.

3.8 All cube decisions (Double, No Double, Accept, Beaver, Pass, Offer Extra, No Offer) are FINAL, and MUST be made in the proper cube decision order, with NO exceptions. The playing order is indicated on the Chouette Tournament scoring sheet, but the cube decision order during ALL games is determined by current scores, with the highest score acting first and lowest score acting last. In the case of equal scores, the playing order is used as the decision order.

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